Girls…and Weirdness

I am so excited!!! In the past couple of days, our world has been rocked with baby girls! We came home with Yemi on the 25th, then one girlfriend had her “Baby Homebirth”- girl still to be named- on May 1st, and now today, another girlfriend had her twin girls this morning, May 4th!!!  There are two other friends of mine with baby girls this week also. I love it! I just love having daughters. So fun.

So, onto weirdness…Here are some confessions: *I love to watch TV. Somewhat normal, but when I watch TV, I watch the teeny-bopper shows on Disney, such as Hannah Montana. Love them! *I wear the same clothes for DAYS at home. *I am not what you would call a “shower everyday” person. *These two last confessions were also “pre-children” realities, so we can’t blame them! *I have a bad personality trait of giving people advice or being know-it-all-ish; I don’t realize I’m doing it, and then later I feel really bad. (I’m sorry everyone! I don’t really think I know it all!) *I cannot understand why Jack wants me to flush the toilet in the middle of the night; I mean, that would totally wake me up! *I am very anxious about dogs and heights, especially when children mix with these 2. *I pick at my lip when I’m thinking. Yucky. *I have always hated doing team sports because I forget what I’m supposed to be doing and people get mad. *I have no sense of style. Luckily, Selah is not taking after me in this department.

Speaking of Selah, she is having a blast at Disneyworld right now with her GP and Grandy! Go Selah Go!

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  1. I like this post, and I just want to say hey! Yemi is beautiful and I hope we can arrange a playdate after Yemi gets settled and used to this strange place! I love all your pictures! Keep blogging and I’ll try to do the same, I haven’t in a while but love to. Mine is (I think that’s it anyways!) Hope your having a great day!

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