The Deepest Well

We just got home from Ethiopia on April 25th. It was a great experience in itself, but bringing home our daughter, Yemi Abigail, was our reason for travel. I joke that this was an 18 month pregnancy and a week long labor. But all worth it, as all mothers would say!

Our week with Yemi at the hotel was blissful. It was the three of us, and we were relieved that Yemi was happy and healthy and taking to both of us so well! This was a result of our amazing prayer warriors back home, we were sure of it.

Coming home was fine, but life in our house was a huge change for a little baby girl who was used to a seven hour time difference, a crib mate, white walls, and 2 options for food. We finally got the picture that her adjustment to US had been incredibly smooth (thank You, Lord), but what about her adjustment to ALL THIS that we call friends, family, colors, tastes, big sister, and eastern time zone?

So anyway, last night, I was stressed. Yemi had been fussy all day and we couldn’t make her as happy as she had been for almost 2 weeks now…I was praying as I went to bed last night, and I thought, “Lord, don’t You get tired of me asking for You to come through all the time? There is always something. For us or for someone else, I am always the widow at the foot of the Judge. Don’t You wish I would just stop asking and give You a break, Lord? You have already done so much, and I just keep coming to You for all these needs…” With our own adoption process, and knowing the specific needs/problems of 25 families in the process, so many scary moments have been experienced and so many cries out to the Lord have been voiced. A friend in chemo, a friend in labor, I’m just asking, asking, asking.

And the Lord replied, in my tired (emotional, spiritual, physical) state.  He deposited into my mind and heart Isaiah 40:28, “I will not grow tired or weary, and my understanding no one can fathom.” I felt He was saying, with great joy actually, “I Am everlasting; there is no bottom to this well. Keep coming!” He swept over me this sense of depth that I can hardly describe, depth of His very sweet and kind love, depth of His patience and not only patience but actual desire, to be there for me in every need and request I could ever have. It was like when you all of a sudden remember the best news you had ever heard…It was like, “Oh, yeah! That’s Who He is!”

Unending Source, Living Water, Daily Bread, Wonderful Counselor, Rescuer, and Father. The only sure thing we’ll ever have. And He loves to be all of these and more to us day and night. Go to the Well; try to find the bottom. He loves it!

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  1. Lyndsay,
    LOVE your post, so fitting in my own life. I am so encouraged by this awesome scripture you shared! Thank you for sharing it, I needed to hear it tonight. You are so right, what an amazing Father we have. WOW!!
    I am praying for you guys! Excited that you are together at last!

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